Test your sales strategy with a proven team

Novatech Ventures provide an experienced sales team to execute on a scalable sales strategy.

Reduce your time to break even

Novatech Ventures offer a team of seasoned enterprise-level professionals to test and prove your product or service in your respective market.

Unlike traditional sales models, the success of our sales development approach is clear within the first quarter. By the six month mark, we’ll have established your market, built a qualified pipeline and put you on a fast track to closing deals and sustainable growth.

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The Results:

Less Risk

Shorter Time to Break-even

Lower Investment

Why hire one sales person when you can hire a team for the same investment?

The Novatech Ventures model achieves revenue faster with less time to ramp. This provides your company with results with less risk, shorter time to break even and lower investment.

Your phased investment is directly linked to the sales returns generated by Novatech Ventures. Run your first market testing campaign for less than a recruitment fee.

Reduce your market entry risk

Novatech Ventures provides scalable lead generation, sales finalisation and market representation services for low risk market development. Crucially, the investment model shares the risk and returns by matching the costs at each stage to qualified results.

Novatech Ventures fills a much needed gap in the ANZ ICT marketplace. For local innovators with limited sales capacity and international technology enterprises wishing to test this marketplace, we de-risk the market entry process and provide unprecedented speed to sales closures and new customers.

Novatech Ventures is the ideal choice for those organisations that see business opportunities in Australia and New Zealand but don’t know how to tap into them.