About Novatech Ventures

About the Company

Founded in 2001, Sydney based Novatech Ventures provides a full sales outsourcing service, covering the spectrum of enterprise sales prospecting to new markets and partner development. It also provides virtual subsidiary arrangements as the ‘face’ of your operations.

The company has run over nine hundred campaigns for enterprise and mid-market solutions and service offerings. Since 2001 we have assisted technology companies in their sales and marketing functions, both for domestic and international markets. Novatech Ventures is a strategic partner of iconic ICT leaders such as SAP and IBM, delivering their core and niche market development. We are respectful to our customers desire to keep the Novatech Ventures advantages from their competitors.

Our Executive Difference

Our highly motivated staff are talented sales and marketing executives who routinely close high value, complex deals; have exceeded multi-million dollar quotas; and have managed teams that achieve these.

Novatech consultants have ICT sector sales management expertise across execution, partner development and marketing; and general management functions.

The cumulative experience of our team encompasses information and communication technologies from IT services to hardware, and enterprise business applications to middleware.

We have sold to companies in all major markets: Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.