Demand Generation Programmes


With over 10 years in the business, consistently driving successful lead generation programs, NTV understands that one size doesn’t fit all and to optimise the success of any Lead Generation Initiative our programs are tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements based on their prospects potential phase in the Buyers Journey.

Today industry analysts suggest that buyers may be anywhere up to 70% through their decision making process before they reach out to a vendor.

While lead generation as a telemarketing service has been around for years, traditional low level telemarketing techniques are poorly-equipped to unravel the rationale behind complex purchases.

Today sellers need to be connecting with buyers in the same way these potential buyers are becoming aware and evaluating potential solutions. This requires effective Digital and Social strategies.


Enterprise Teleprospecting – Going deep into strategic accounts

Our Lead Generation Specialists typically have over 10 year’s experience selling complex solutions in a B2B environment.

Our Large Enterprise (Deep Dive) methodology recognises that multiple lines of business represent distinct buying centres, rather than focusing narrowly on individuals.

In today’s market the selection and implementation of enterprise software and strategic or high value consultancy services will involve senior management in the decision process, with approval for these projects often involving 6 – 12- 18 months of investigation; scoping; budgeting and approval, prior to a customer committing to a contract.


LinkedIn Social Selling Campaign.

Just dumping content up on LinkedIn or any other Social media platform has little or no impact on lead generation; in fact it has the potential for a negative impact with your valued connections seeing you as simply a spammer. – Think about your own experiences with your LinkedIn profile!

Our methodology firstly identify the persona of the ideal prospects for product / service offered. Then we identify target prospects on LinkedIn – Generally 800 potential targets.

We then analyse your existing LinkedIn profile and enhance it to be relevant to the prospects we wish to connect to.

In addition to sending out daily connection requests on your behalf we build or source relevant independent content to be strategically published to your LinkedIn community. This is a critical factor in building your profile as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Typically 80% of the content is relevant independent research that supports your message and the remaining 20% being tailored messaging around your products and solutions – remember no one likes be ‘sold to’ we want them to ‘buy from’ you.

We then build a Microsite for White Paper downloads & Event registrations.

Ultimately we will invite successful connections to an event (Seminar or Webinar). We then incorporate telemarketing resources to remind those registered to the upcoming event 24 hours prior and then after the event to follow up any registrations that were no-shows as well as gauging the interest of any attendee


Integrated Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is a complex discipline. Data, technology, telephone, content and communication need to be assembled and managed in a way that compels prospects to action.

As an example, blending Digital Marketing techniques with teleprospecting calls enables us to understand where prospects are along the Buyer’s Journey, and hence prioritise digital nurturing or outbound teleprospecting, and then engage in more relevant and consultative sales discussions when appropriate.

It’s important to ensure that the team creating digital tactics works closely with tele-qualification staff who perform the follow up. Prospects feel like they’re having a single conversation with a company that listens to them and responds accordingly – rather than being party to a series of disjointed conversations.