For any Lead Generation activity to be successful you need to ensure you are reaching:

  • the right executives
  • in the right organisation

NTV's Persona Based Contact Discovery ensures every campaign is targeting the right audience to maximise results.

With over 10 year's experience running 100's of programs NTV has developed its own comprehensive database of organisations and key contacts which simply cannot be acquired from traditional list brokers.

A new list is created for each campaign with up to date contacts within specific functional roles/areas

We deliver the right content to the right individual as it relates to their progression through the 'Buyers Journey'.

We help create relevant, interesting content and ensure its delivered in a timely manner ensuring:

  • Visitors to you website are delivered the most relevant content based on their interactions
  • That compelling content is developed for the right digital channels

Our Social methodology ensures you are constantly connected to your addressable market.

The methodology / program starts with an audit of your current profile and connections to then maximise the LinkedIn profile of your social sellers

Based on Persona research we identify relevant prospects you should be connected to and commence an ongoing process to make these connections on your behalf.

This process is supported by providing ongoing content (direct and independent) to your connections to position you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

In most instances our programs increase you existing LinkedIn connections by 200%.

Enterprise Teleprospecting

While lead generation as a telemarketing service has been around for years, traditional low level telemarketing techniques are poorly-equipped to unravel the rationale behind complex purchases.

Our Lead Generation Specialists comprise exclusively of skilled B2B professionals who are trained in solution-selling and typically use a non-scripted approach. We forge a strong, communicative partnership with your sales team.

Our unique Persona Based Contact Discovery methodology ensures we identify the best organisations to call into and the most appropriate resource to engage with.